Fun Stuff


 Fun times for the Dental Team! 



Not your typical Holiday Party...we celebrated our office holiday party by going to an escape room!  Loads of fun and team building experience (even though we did not find all the clues to find Grandma's treasure)!  No Way Out was a great experience...we highly recommend you try them!


To all of Dr. Weisenfels wonderful Patients...after 24 years , I am announcing my retirement. It's been a privilege and pleasure to know and serve every one of you.  Happy flossing!

​Your RDH, Debbie




One of our favorite Patients saw this at The Science Center Gift Shop and thought we should order some;-)

Thanks Scott!


The Weisenfels Team as the Pink Ladies and Dr. W. as a T - Bird (from the movie Grease).  This is from our Las Vegas Dental Convention Nov. 2015.

Team dinner in Las Vegas! 

Nov. 2015

Sheila, Jennifer and Kelly (L to R)  at the top of the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower...beautiful view of Las Vegas!

Nov. 2015


 ​Lucy, Donna and Sheila (L to R) Las Vegas Dental Convention.

Nov. 2015


Our own Dr. Weisenfels created these Donkey teeth for Actor Michael James Reed. Mr. Reed played Nick Bottom in "A Midsummer's Night Dream" at the Reperatory of St. Louis in Nov. 2014.  We hope to create more "fun teeth" in the future!




 Dr. Weisenfels and Team showing their Cardinal spirit!  "Go Cardinals!"

'Go Cardinals!'

                        Dr. Weisenfels created dracula teeth for our patient!